The top Cuban diplomat traveled to the South American nation to participate in the 2nd Meeting of the Celac-China Cooperation Forum in the Foreign Ministers meeting which he characterized as "very useful and beneficial, despite existing differences", reported Prensa Latina News Agency.

He said that one of the advantages of the Community is its support to economic and political integration and the development of unity, within a friendship and constructive spirit, dialog and cooperation.

Regarding CELAC's next pro tempore presidency, Bruno Rodriguez explained that there were tangible progress, the effort of El Salvador was recognized and they were commended that until an arrangement is reached, they will continue in its current functions.

He explained that there was also a majority inclination to call on the coming months for a Summit of the Community and resume the agenda with the European Union with a Foreign Ministry level encounter.

Regarding the Celac-China Forum, in which 25 Foreign Ministers will participate together with their Chinese counterpart Wang Yi, he valued its outcome as successful and pointed out the will of the two parties in working together for development.

China, said Rodriguez, has a vigorous development; they are entering in a special phase in its process constituting a factor for world balance and stability, in defense of international peace and security at the same time that it constitutes as a window for the countries to the South.