Sales representative of the installation, Lisbety Laches told ACN that among its recreational offers are the Soroa Orchid Gardens and the 22-meter high waterfall, which is the main attraction of the region, above all during a specific time of day where you can see a rainbow created by the rays of the sun.

The hotel has over 80 comfortable rooms with cold and hot water, satellite TV and air conditioner. A visitor has the option of reserving cabins or independent houses with well-equipped kitchen, parking and grill areas and private pool, said Laches.

The installation also as six high standard rooms, located in the Cloud Castle (Castillo de las nubes) with excellent esthetic taste that traps a visitor for the beauty of the environment.

Horizontes Soroa welcomed 31 thousand 595 tourists a day in 2017 which was below expected, mainly due to the effects of Hurricane Irma in the country, said the sales representative.

She stressed that they welcome vacationers from all parts of the world, mainly from Europe and the most represented countries include Germany, Holland, France, Belgium and Switzerland and recently an increase in US visitors.

The Hotel Horizontes Soroa was founded in September of 1960 and since then its main objective is to link visitors to the beauty of the area's flora and fauna.