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The Latest Panorama of the Cuban Underwater Patrimony at Simposub 2018

The audiovisual Tras la Huelladel Pizarro will be one of the highlights of the event taking place in Santiago de Cuba.


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Santiago de Cuba, June 29.The displaying of the audiovisual Tras la Huelladel Pizarrowill be one of the highlightsat Simposub 2018. This is an event that has as theme the underwater patrimony. It will take place, from July 2 to 5,Santiago de Cuba, reported ACN.

Yaisel Prado, a communication specialist from The Centre for Underwater Cultural and Natural Heritage Management and Conservation of Santiago de Cuba, declared that the  video material is about the shipFrancisco Pizarro belonging to the Spanish Armada. It was found in Nuevitas Bay.

The audiovisual will show its conservation state and features. Regarding history, it is known it was built in 1895at a Scottish shipyards inClydebank and later acquired by Spain, declared Yaisel.

The ship was sunk by its crew to avoid a takeover by theNorth American Navy during TheHispanic-Cuban-North American War in August 1898. Itwas named after Spain conqueror Francisco Pizarro.

A magazine will be released to promote underwater patrimony topics more precisely. Also, there will be presented many expositions and conferences related with the conflict that involved this three countries and ended with a naval battle on July 3 1898 in Santiago de Cuba Bay where the Spain Navy , commanded by AdmiralPascualCervera,was defeated.

Currently, many ship parts such as flotsam, poles, ironworks, projectiles and many artillery components lay on the sea bottom. All of them are part of Archaeological ParkBatalla Naval de Santiago de Cuba which was named National Landmark in July 2015.

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