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For decent and sustainable work in the world

The First Cuban Vice President intervened in the 108th. Meeting of the International Labour Conference


Juventud Rebelde

GENEVA, June 19.- Cuba recognized on Wednesday in Geneva, Switzerland, the successes achieved by the International Labour Organization (ILO) in its century of existence, but called to reinforce the commitment to decent employment in the global labor market.

When speaking in the 108th. The meeting of the International Labor Conference, the First Cuban Vice President, Salvador Valdés Mesa, praised the ILO's great work in favor of social justice, the promotion of decent work and the protection of workers' rights, Prensa Latina quoted.

The Cuban leader also met on Wednesday with the Director General of the ILO, Guy

Ryder, and signed the Golden Book of this specialized agency of the UN.

In his speech to the ILO, he pointed out that much has been achieved since the ILO was founded in 1919, and among the achievements he enumerated those achieved by the international community in recognition and protection of trade union freedoms. Decent employment, safety and health at work and equality and non-discrimination in employment were other examples.


However, he clarified that much remains to be done to that organization, which in his opinion should continue working to solve long-standing problems in the field of employment and face new challenges, as a result of the rapid pace of technological development, to achieve a global work enviroment more dignified and sustainable.

After expressing Cuba's satisfaction of being a founding member of that UN body, he assured that the Island will assume the second century of its existence with the will to continue strengthening the ties of cooperation with it, he emphasized, with the commitment he always showed with the protection of workers' rights and the construction of a more just world.

He warned that the context in which the ILO reaches its centennial is complex. With great concern we observe how ideas and practices that discard multilateralism as a way to solve global problems and dangerously promote confrontation, aggressive rhetoric and imposition are advancing.


Disrespect for International Law rises as well as the violation of the Charter of the United Nations, interventionism and interference in the internal affairs of States, growing inequality and poverty, due to an unjust international order, with irresponsible and unsustainable patterns of production and consumption, and financial institutions that are not very transparent and not democratic.

He said that 26 billionaires concentrated more money than the 3.8 billion poorest people on the planet.

He warned about the increase in the effects of climate change that jeopardize the survival of the planet, health and quality of life of present and future generations, and in the world of employment it will cause the loss of millions of jobs. However, the main power, the United States, avoids its historical responsibilities by withdrawing from the Paris Agreement, he said.

In his opinion, especially in the richest societies, proliferate the supremacist ideas, hate speech, xenophobia, discrimination and intolerance, particularly against minorities and migrants, which has particular incidence in labor matters.


Minorities and migrants almost always face worse working conditions, few or no guarantees, very low salaries and high levels of exploitation, he said.

During his speech he also referred to the increase of politicization, selectivity and double standards against developing countries. Industrialized nations, which despite their immense wealth have great challenges in terms of protection of workers' rights and trade union freedoms, aim to become global paradigms and manipulate the noble objectives of the ILO to condemn countries of the South that do not fold to their interests, he denounced.

In that line, he regretted that the ILO has not at times been exempt from these punitive approaches and selective practices against developing countries.

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