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Alliance for Emancipation

Cuban artists and writers are involved in the educational improvement of the country, as it was highlighted in the 6th UNEAC National Convention, attended by Miguel Díaz-Canel


Juventud Rebelde

How to achieve educational efficiency, and that the pedagogical effort be expressed through general culture, decency, values, feelings, behavior and attitudes is the aim of the alliance established between Cuban writers and artists and the Ministry of Education.

This was stressed by member of the politburo and First Vice-president of the Councils of State and MinistersMiguel Díaz-Canel at the closure of the 6th UNEAC National Convention, where the report of the Education, Culture and Society Commission and the project of the new Cuban educational system program were presented.

As an example of how our civil society contributes to the improvement of public policies,the political leader highlighted the work undertaken by UNEAC and the Ministry of Education, during the process of the third teaching improvement plan to be implemented in the next few years.

This plan for improvement, which is presented heretoday and is centered on humanism, was also enriched by many proposals coming from the cultural sector.

The professional training of educators has to be a priority to achieve thegoalsprojected, stated Díaz-Canel, who also urged to make every lesson a space for emancipation.

“The teachers are the essence, and if they are not well prepared the students will miss the conception we have promoted through the methodology and the educational resources”, saidMinistry of Education Ena Elsa Velázquez Cobiella.

The convention was also attended by the Ministry of Culture Abel Prieto Jiménez, and by UNEAC President Miguel Barnet, among other personalities.

Translated by ESTI

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