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Montevideo Declaration Approved


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The document ratified the commitment with the Continental Meeting “as a broad, diverse, plural and unitary process and space for coordination of alternative resistance”
At the Continental Meeting for Democracy and Against Neoliberalism, which held sessions for three days and concluded last Saturday in Uruguay, the social movements agreed: “We’ll continue to fight for our people’s integration by reaffirming our cultural, social, political and economic diversity, placing the people’s rights at the core.”
The final document ratified the commitment with the Continental Meeting “as a broad, diverse, plural and unitary process and space for coordination of alternative resistance.”
“There’s no democracy without social involvement, without distribution of wealth, without access to information and justice”, the Declaration concluded in one of its points, which also championed to reinforce the political action of the people’s movements and to face the right-wing offensive in Latin America and the Caribbean.
“We’ll promote a kind of people’s integration which respects the diversity of our cultures. The one which is built from the active participation of our peoples. The one which defends peace and self-determination in our territories, free of military bases and interventionism, with complementarity of economies and relations of solidarity and cooperation”, as it continued.
The declaration also expressed its solidarity “with the people of Venezuela and its sovereign right to develop a social, political and economic project without agressions and interferences, with guarantees of peace and respect for its institutions”.
In that very vein, it condemned the parliamentary, judicial and much publicized coup against President Dilma Rousseff and the scheme trying to prevent Lula da Silva’s candidacy in Brazil.
The Montevideo Declaration did not leave out “the conservative and reactionary advance of the right-wing in the region. “Imperialism continues to attack the processes promoted by progressive and grassroots-oriented governments, it makes the blockade against Cuba more stringent while reverting the US-Cuba relationship normalization process; it also steps up actions against Nicaragua’s government; it promotes to sabotage El Salvador’s government, and lays a siege to Bolivia’s government.”
The participants at the event – who ratified “the unitary and articulation agenda of the social and political forces agreed at the meeting in Havana, in November 2015, - convened a movilization to protest against the Buenos Aires World Trade Organization Ministerial Summit in December 2017; to the unity of all movements in March 8th , and that very month, to be present and place the agenda against free trade of transnational corporations in the Alternative World Water Forum to take place in Brasilia.
Likewise they called for a mobilization on MayDay; to denounce the celebration of the Americas Summit in Lima, in June 2018, and to the organization of a joint action around the G-20 Summit in Argentina, in the second semester of 2018, as well as the call for participation at the Continental Meeting from November 19 to 25.
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