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Brazil: 3847 doctor jobs remaing available

The South American country have not replace yet  the Cuban doctors who were part of the Mais Médicos program


Juventud Rebelde

WASHINGTON, 12th June .— The Federative Republic of Brazil have not replace yet the Cuban doctors who were part of the Mais Médicos program, and 28 million people have been affected, The New York Times reported.

In November 2018, the Cuban government announced the return of the 8,417 doctors who worked in poor and remote areas of Brazil, in response to the measures taken against Cuba by Jair Bolsonaro, who decided definitively, in February of this year, to close Mais Médicos, a project designed by the Workers' Party in 2013 to bring health care to the most remote areas of the South American country, and in which nearly 20,000 Cuban professionals participated.

Access to free medical care, a right enshrined in Brazilian law, was facilitated by the program promulgated by former President Dilma Rousseff.

Now, Brazil is struggling to fill the posts of Cuban doctors who are still available: 3,847 places in almost 3,000 municipalities, according to the most recent statistics, said the New York newspaper.

According to a report by the Organización Panamericana de la Salud (OPS), in the first four years of Mais Médicos, the percentage of Brazilians with primary care increased from 59.6 to 70 percent.

The departure of Cuban doctors could alter that trend with serious consequences, especially for infants under the age of five, which would raise deaths to 37,000 young children by 2030, warned Gabriel Vivas, a OPS official.

The Cuban doctors were deployed in 34 remote indigenous villages and in the poorest neighborhoods of more than 4,000 towns and cities, places largely rejected by Brazilian professionals.

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