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Wednesday 27 June 2018 | 06:47:44 pm.

Time for miracles

“There are always surprises when it comes to Soccer World Cups” is the most repeated phraseat the beginning of such important events. However, after the big amount of times it has echoed, we, I include myself;have started to lose the credibility in this statement, or, at least so did some until yesterday.


Wednesday 27 June 2018 | 12:47:54 pm.

Denmark passes along with France; a farewell to Peru with a smile.

A soccer game without goals could be, for some moments, as dull as a tasteless meal or a loveless sex encounter. At the end, as much as you could have enjoyed it, there is a feeling that you missed the important elements. However, and continuing with the analogies, could be said that there is a lack of the most important component. Remember we are not discussing about a boring spectacle. Putting absences aside, a meaningful element can be found among such factors.


Tuesday 26 June 2018 | 02:48:22 pm.

Status quo… barely

What has been, at least until yesterday, a World Cup full of surprises, has changed for only one day. However, it was not because of the will of the favorite team to assure its status in the tournament.  It was a tense day, with last minute goals and many thrills to the Spanish selection. This was the line followed by this new chapter in Russia 2018.


Monday 25 June 2018 | 05:11:16 pm.

Esteban Lazo Meets with Tanzanian Political Leader

HAVANA, Cuba, Jun 20 (ACN) The President of the National Assembly of the People's Power, Esteban Lazo met on Wednesday in Havana with the Vice President of the Chama Cha Mapinduzi Party of Tanzania, Philip Mangula.


Monday 25 June 2018 | 05:05:21 pm.

Academy of Sciences Prioritize work with Youth

HOLGUIN, Cuba, Jun 21 (ACN) The President of the Cuban Academy of Sciences, Dr. Luis Velazquez Perez ratified on Thursday in the city of Holguin the importance of working with the new generation as one of the main projects of the institution.


Monday 25 June 2018 | 04:56:31 pm.

Uruguay leads group A, Saudi Arabia saves its honor

The Uruguayan soccer selection classified to eighth finals as leader of group A, after scoring 3-0 against the local team and has earned 9 points due to its three victories. The men under the command of Oscar Washington Tavarez have not allowed a single goal against them in all games played. In the last presentation of the preliminary phase versus the Russian selection, Luis Suarez scored early on the 10´ minute. The goal by the front forward of the Barcelona Football Club was scored by a free kick shoot that broke through the weak Russian’s barrier and easily escaped the reach of goalkeeper Igor Akinfeev.  Later ,on the 23´minute a ball rebounded by the Eurasian defense was hit by Diego Laxalt and accidentally deviated by  Denis Cheryshev resulting in the second score for the Uruguayans who, despite the fact that did not stand out so much, knew how to keep a better game and surpassed the local team in all  scopes. Almost at the end of the game, Edinson Cavanni scored reaching a ball rebounded by Akinfeev after an accurate header by Diego Godín. After this results both teams should pay attention to this afternoon result of the group B, in which are three teams with classification possibilities.  The Portuguese team and the Iranian selection will compete for the pass which could leave the Spanish selection out of the competition, unless the Red Fury earns, at least, a draw against the Moroccan team.


Tuesday 19 June 2018 | 04:53:19 pm.

Members of Parlatino's Health Commission Meets in Cuba

HAVANA, Cuba, Jun 14 (ACN) The Health Commission of the Latin American and Caribbean Parliament, (Parlatino) met on Thursday at the site of the National Assembly of the People's Power in Havana to debate on the integration of science, technology and innovation.


Friday 15 June 2018 | 03:39:02 pm.

Telecommunications Executives Says Blockade is Unacceptable

VARADERO, Matanzas, Jun 13 (ACN) The Economic, financial and commercial blockade imposed by the United States against Cuba is unacceptable and we must condemn it, said the Communications Director of the Association of the Inter-American Telecommunications Company (ASIET) Pablo Garcia de Castro.


Friday 15 June 2018 | 03:36:53 pm.

Pioneer School Children and Youth in General Pay Tribute to Antonio Maceo and Che

CAMAGUEY, Cuba, Jun 14 (ACN) Pioneer schoolchildren and students from Pre-university level and youth in general, in representation of the new generations paid tribute on Thursday in Camaguey to Ernesto Che Guevara and Antonio Maceo on occasion of their birthdays.


Friday 15 June 2018 | 03:27:32 pm.

Havana Students Join the Young Communist League

HAVANA, Cuba, Jun 14 (ACN) Students and workers of the city of Havana were granted on Thursday membership to the Young Communist League, UJC on occasion of the 173rd and 90th anniversaries of the birth of Antonio Maceo and Ernesto Che Guevara, respectively.