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Masterly lecture on the Cuban sports system recalls Fidel’s legacy 


Norland Rosendo

There’s no medalwithouthispresence. The man who travelled to the future and returned to tell us about it, ran withJuantorena andYunidis Castillo on the track, jumped with Sotomayor, punched with Stevenson and Savón, batted with Linares, smashed with Mireya on the court…There’s nothing Fidel didn’t do in the world of sport. Or, for Cuban sport.

Because he was both: athlete and dreamer of medals. The architect of a strategy which elevated this island to Olympicheights, based on a system which educated athletes in the value of effort, of dedication, of applause, of the medal pinnedto the chest of a country.

He promoted his own idea of leaving no talented child out of the sports system. He encouraged the training of coaches and athletes and the creation of a sport-oriented culture. From Fidel’s perception, Cubawas (and is) a huge stadium. With room for all, without exception.

That was the prevailing spirit ofthis masterly lecture on the Cuban sports system: the  ideology of a Comandante, with which President of the National Institute of Sports, Physical Education & Recreation (INDER) Antonio BecaliGarrido, inaugurated the scientific sessions of the 7th International Convention of Physical Education and Sports (AFIDE)

In the presence of 700 delegates and guests from Cuba and abroad, the speaker also dealt with Fidel’s leading role in the fight againstthe commercialization of sport and against doping.

This most important scientific event organized by INDER will continue to pay tribute to the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution until its closure, tomorrow Thursday.

Translated by ESTI

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