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Denmark passes along with France; a farewell to Peru with a smile.

The Danish and the French selections were the protagonists of the first game without goals of the tournament.


Enio Echezábal Acosta

A soccer game without goals could be, for some moments, as dull as a tasteless meal or a loveless sex encounter. At the end, as much as you could have enjoyed it, there is a feeling that you missed the important elements. However, and continuing with the analogies, could be said that there is a lack of the most important component. Remember we are not discussing about a boring spectacle. Putting absences aside, a meaningful element can be found among such factors.

Maybe the coaches of both teams, the French  Didier Deschamps and the Danish Age Hareide, were in an agreement at the time they send their men to the field in game that was very insipid from the beginning. Both selections classified with a draw. It seems both coach decided not to risk their position in the Group C. It looks likethey were saving the weaponry in the encounter that had as setting Luznikí, Moscow. At the same time, Peru and Australia were having the other game belonging to Group C. So, it is supposed that they bet for the pride of the South American selection, since this is not the first time this happens in a World Cup.

The game passed by in a back-and-forth tone between the field´s both side. Both teams were cautious and reserved. Even though, was convenient to perform some moves to entertain the audience, just in case they thought buying a ticket to the game was a total waste of money. The most interesting part was seeing Hareide telling to his team to be more generous regarding ball possession. They may have not scored but, they knew how to contain the talent of the French team.

While the yawns were taking over Moscow, in the Fisht Stadium, Ricardo Gareca, displayed the best of his stored  resources. What seemed a solace for Peru was more like a matter of national pride, and that is a serious issue.    

On the other side, the Australians, setting their objetives to a victory and a mathematical miracle, were not aware of their situation. The blame could fall over Coach Bert van Marwijk, who does not like talented and offensive team.

The day was June 22 of 1982. That day in La Coruña, front player Guillermo La Rosa scored at the 83’ the only goal of the Peruan defeat against Poland (5-1). Guillermo did not celebrate the goal at that time, but he should have shouted for sure when the goal by André Carrillo hit the net of the Australian goal. The thirty six years of waiting were over.

Later on, team captain Paolo Guerrero, who helped Carrillo to perform the goal, triggered from his left leg a shot that crossed  Matt Ryan´s goal line and leaved aside the suspense, the TAS, the penalties warnings and the polemic. At that instant nothing was more important than kissing the shirt´ shield.

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