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New Gods, Old Gods

The Argentinian team under Messis´ command was defeated by astonishing French selection.


Enio Echezábal Acosta

All along history, religions and empires have come across different periods. It has happened from City-State polytheistic Greece to its heir, the Only-Gog Christianity Rome. All this ideological metamorphosis has come in times of crisis.

A Soccer World Cup is definitely one of those spectacular and cathartic spaces where, once every four years, the whole world set its attention in the reaffirmation of several deities. There are a lot of myths regarding the members of this football pantheon which is composed by mortal people, whose have impressed the world with their skills for more than eight decades.  

Sometimes, stories like Zeus´ tale, which it is said that he defeated his father, Titan Chronos, in order to take his position as Lord of Cosmos. Yesterday, that legend was repeated in Kazan starring by two armies having as goal the same that the previous contenders had: to conquer the Olympus.

This time, in this version of the story, two different approaches collided. On the Argentinian side, the faithful ones decided to entrust themselves this time to the «Messiah», the last prophet of the «Maradonian» faith. Meanwhile, the Frenchs paid tribute to their heroes, looking forward to patch up mistakes performed two years ago in the Euro Cup.

Just a few minutes were enough to demonstrate that power is a matter of decision and no of merit. Mbappé, as if he were Fernando Alonso, rushed but felled in the Argentinian Area. Later, Griezmann score the advantage from the penalty spot, in response of fans´ prayers.

The ancient powers decided to bet on its resolution more than on an understanding that was absent since their debut in Russian lands. Close to the half time break, Di María, who was alone in the front, kicked from outside the penalty box and scored beyond the reach of goalkeeper Lloris. That was his way of saying that if they were going to lose; they would do it with their heads held high.

Later, Messi executed a pretend play which, despite being blocked, it passed the football casually to Mercado who scored almost accidentally and gave the advantage to his team. However, later on, the Argentinian illusion started to fade away. As following, French player Pavard scored with an air shot and set a draw in the scoreboard. It was the beginning of the end.

Then, there was Kylian´s turn to shine. The Parisian player, who two years ago was just a rookie scored twice. There was a spark of hope for the Argentineans with Agüero´s late goal but, nothing more.

At the game´s end two images remained: one picturing the young gods, happy and full-of-hope, and the other, the old ones, shattered by a cruel fate which banished them from the road to glory.

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