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University in Villa Clara for World Sustainable Development


Juventud Rebelde

SANTA CLARA, Cuba, October 12.— The 1st International Convention of the Marta Abreu Central University of Las Villas scheduled from October 23rd to the 27th will include the defense of a sustainable development for the world ratified in each action of the higher education institution.

Member of the organizing committee, Ernesto Alvarez Gil expressed on Thursday during a press conference that the event aims at gathering in one single event several scientific sectors and knowhow.

The event, to be held at the Hotel Melia Marina Varadero will include issues like electric engineering, construction, sociology, psychology, services and the business system in addition to the academic sector both Cuban and foreign.

According to Alvarez Gil, over 800 participants from some 17 countries have confirmed their assistance to the event, among them Japan, Colombia, Germany, France, South Korea, US, Poland, Chile, Belgium and Mexico.

The program also includes master conferences centered in the National Association of Economists and Accountants and the Ministries of Tourism and Higher Education, among others.

The event will also allow the signing of agreements and the preparation of scientific cooperation projects between the University of Las Villas and other counterparts.

Among its main strengths, said the specialist, is the chance to show the world the achievements of the country´s science sector.

Founded on November 30th, 1952, the University of Las Villas will celebrate its 65th anniversary with pride with among the largest multidisciplinary characteristics in the country turning the center as a reference center on the island as well as its scientific-technical field.

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