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Changes are announced in the tax system application of the State Budget Law for next 2018, that includes the gradual application of idleness taxof agricultural and forestry lands, as well as other taxes


Juventud Rebelde

  • National economy improves slowly and upwardlydespite the combination of factors impacting it, asstated by the Commission of Economic Affairs of our Parliament, which met on Tuesday as part of the activitiesprior to the Tenth Ordinary Session of the National People's PowerAssembly
  • Changes in the tax system application of the State Budget Law,which includes the gradual implementation of the tax for the idleness of agricultural and forestry lands, as well as other types of taxes, are announcedfor next 2018
  • More than 127 000 illegal practices in land and urban managementwere detected in the first half of 2017
  • Preliminary results of the National Survey of Equality were presented
  • Gradually, 13 million fluorescent lamps will be replaced by LEDs in the residential sector, two million electric cookers will be replaced, 10.000 m2 of solar heaters and some 20.000 solar photovoltaic modules will be installed
  • The university integration has not been a process to annex the campuses, but toharnessthe best capacities and unifylabor cultures of those institutions
  • An efficient harvest2017-2018on cane plantations and industry should be the response to buffer the impact of Hurricane Irma,but it is necessary to eliminate everything that slows down the sector, such as the theft and waste of energy sources
  • The evacuation system of wasteliquid will be improved by more than one million people and the volume of treated wastewater willincrease by approximately 100 million m3
  • A number of 189 offices are operating today to perform identification, immigration and immigration procedures throughout the country
  • FEU’s95th anniversary is congratulatedthis Wednesday, and also educators on their date

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