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A Dinner To Remember Fidel’s Nice Gesture

People from the affected areas by Hurricane Irma will remember the day that Fidel had dinner with coalfish people from Ciénaga de Zapata on December 24th, 1959


Nelson García Santos

SANTA CLARA, Villa Clara.— The similarity between the dinner that Fidel had with the coalfishpeople from Ciénaga de Zapata, on December 24th, 1959 and the onehappenedthis year in the Villa Clara most devastated by Hurricane Irma, lies in that essence of the Revolution to be attached to the most in need.

The symbolism of those dinners also emerges in the imperishable gesture of Fidel that he shared on that occasion with the humblest, showed them his admiration and instilled confidence in them, implementing that Martian expression, which he endorsed, that with the poor of the earth I want my luck to throw.

So they have done well to multiply now the evocation of that Christmas evening in places where the hurricane made men and women, who felt this accompaniment summarized that no one was abandoned here, to overcome.

They know it well in La Panchita, Caharatas, Isabela and Nueva Isabela, Emilio Córdova, Nazábal beach, El Santo, Caibarién and Sagua la Chica, where its inhabitants will be host the  in that unprecedent dinner that will be, undoubtedly, become a satisfaction and gratitudemoment to the Revolution.

It will be a joy moment for the citizens after having overcome the impact of waking up with nothing or almost nothing, and see now how from the ruins are being reborn their most beautiful villages and with safer facilities.

The members of the member leaderships of the Party and the Government in Villa Clarawill be sharing with their inhabitants, the same ones who, kneeling on the ground accompanied them before and after of Irma.

A dinner has been arranged in which families will share the roasted piglet, rice with black beans, yucca ... and a program of cultural activities to make this December 24th an unforgettable day.

There will be an toastfor Fidel and the near arrival of the triumph of his revolution, which the grateful ones have made theirs.



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