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Over 1.8 million Cubans flock classrooms to open school year

The 2017 state budget included 8, 3 billion Cuban pesos, a 23 percent of the total


Juventud Rebelde

HAVANA, Cuba, Sep 4 (ACN) The over 10,600 schools of all level of education, including dozens of universities, opened their classrooms today to receive over 1.8 million children and youngsters for this new school year.

In a year marked for deep transformations in the Cuban education system, with new programs and methods, the Cuban government has allocated over 9 percent of the country´s GPD to guarantee all schools are opened and with enough teachers.

The 2017 state budget included 8, 3 billion Cuban pesos, a 23 percent of the total, in order to cover all expenses, including salaries, books and other teaching materials, as well as the repair of over 3,700 schools throughout the country.

One of the hardest tasks for the government to start this year was to complete the teaching staff at all levels, but thanks to several measures it guaranteed that over 95 percent of all classrooms have a teacher.

On that regard, the Ministry of Education announced the opening of two new teachers' training schools, for a grand total of 26 in the country. Other measures are taken to improve the working conditions of professors.

Education is free at all levels in Cuba since the beginning of the Revolution.

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