Juventud Rebelde - Diario de la Juventud Cubana

Heaven at hand in Havana´s Galiano Street



HAVANA, Oct 31 (ACN) Strange cobwebs have been hanging for a few days on Havana´s Galiano Street, officially Italia Avenue, with the constant question of what they will be.

What seemed to be nothing but wires and careless light bulbs during the day, last night unveiled huge constellations that illuminated the entire road.
Galiano Street then welcomes with a new image the 500th anniversary of the founding of Havana, with a light show donated by the city of Turin to celebrate this anniversary.
The general astonishment occurred minutes after the cannon fire, when only seconds were enough for the yellow, blue and white spotlights to form the starry shapes of the night.
The crowd then had the opportunity to pose in front of Orion's Belt, the Big or the Little Dipper, without the need to reach the sky, and the floodlights were the scene of hundreds of people from Havana and visitors who witnessed this unique event in Cuba.
Havana is dressed up to receive its 500 years and Galiano Street accompanies it with a renewed nocturnal image.

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