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Neymar, Mexico y Calderón de la Barca

Brazil defeats México and overcomes the terrible eights finals where some of the greatest teams were eliminated.


Enio Echezábal Acosta

Russia does not cry this time. In a point when several natives seem to forgot about the World Cup. Laughter is like an epidemic that gets spread all along the gigantic Euro-Asian Nation. The illusion of the Mexicans was the main character again after the last Sunday events when the men under the command of Cherchésov eliminated the Spanish armada. The Mexican team which defeated the Germans was making plans to its yearned fifth game.

The Mexicans were in a difficult situation against the Brazilians regarding statistics. The Mexicans believed very little on their capacity to surprise. “Why not?” thought Juan Carlos Osorio and his team. At the end, they were not going to achieve anything new breaking the tournament´s odd.

The Mexican history in World Cups is very similar to a “Snakes and Ladders” game. No matter what the causes are: could be a random or a mystic-esoteric factor. The constant fluctuation of the Mexican team results is an intrinsic element in this kind of events.  The memorable victory against Germany and the later defeat by Sweden, explain how the football bipolar disorder is. However, if is there a disturbing factor bigger that their “mood swings” it is that the Mexican teams always obtains the benefit of the doubt.

Nevertheless, reality reminds us its toughness very often, especially when we need some of its grant. Mexico knows it well, since it has thirty- two years of broken dreams at the top of the fourth game.

This time, Brazil is wearing the villain’s costume. The five-time World Champion, more pragmatic than artful this time, is arriving at eight finals apperceived by the funeral honors that are still offered as tribute to the fallen giants.

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