Friday 10 August 2018 | 03:46:13 PM

Bay of Pigs Museum with Over 1 900 visitors this Summer

ZAPATA SWAMP, Cuba, Aug 6 (ACN) Over one thousand 900 persons have visited the Bay of Pigs Museum so far this year, among them 544 foreigners said Dulce Maria Limonta del Pozo, Director of the institution.

The history of the historic event in April of 1961 which was the first great defeat of imperialism in Latin America is an attraction for Cubans and foreigners especially its audiovisual materials, uniforms of the combatants and artillery pieces, said D...


Friday 10 August 2018 | 03:38:55 PM

Modern Equipment to be installed in Renewal Project of Santiago de Cuba Dock

HAVANA, Cuba, Aug 9 (acn) Three modern gantry cranes arrived to Guillermon Moncada port, in Santiago de Cuba city, that will operate in the multipurpose dock being renewed in this Cuban eastern province thanks to the Cuba-China cooperation.

Upon receiving the equipment, Walter Niuvo, investor on the Cuban side, said that they already concluded the dredging works of the bay up to 13.60 meters deep, thus benefiting the draft for the access channel, maneuvering basin and berth places.
These equipment offer high performance, reliability, accuracy, low operating cost and energy consumption.
This terminal will provide the Santiago de Cuba bay with a modern installation for ships up to 40.000 thousand tons with state-of-the-art technological equipment.
The project also includes the construction of the dock, warehouses, perimeter fences, coastal protections and towers for the lighting system, all under seismic-resistant technical standards.
The renewal of the port is accompanied by changes in the infrastructure of rail and road communication linking the east of the Caribbean island and facilities associated to tourism.


Friday 10 August 2018 | 03:34:38 PM

Venezuelan airline Aeropostal resumes flights to Cuba

HAVANA, Cuba, Aug 8 (ACN) The Aeropostal Alas de Venezuela airline, the oldest one in that country, resumed operations to Cuba this Thursday with three weekly frequencies, after this link was suspended for almost a year.

From the Maiquetía Simón Bolívar International Airport, the Caracas-Havana commercial flight will depart every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, with a capacity for 140 passengers.
On the opening trip, the executive president of the state-owned company, Eduardo Legaspi, arrived and told the press that he was moved by the return of this journey.
We are looking to build an itinerary that will provide more bridges between the two peoples, said the representative of Aeropostal, a company that is now reactivated after having ceased operations in August last year.
Founded by Frenchman Marcel Bouilloux-Lafton in 1929, the company has a fleet of seven aircraft, according to Legaspi.
Venezuela and Cuba maintain a close and positive relationship in the political sphere, while the South American country is positioned as the island's main trading partner.
Data provided by the Cuban Ministry of Tourism indicate that at the end of May, 70 airlines were operating in this Caribbean destination with connections to 73 cities around the world.


Monday 06 August 2018 | 04:27:35 PM

Scientists: heat wave in Cuba unlikely

HAVANA, Cuba, Jul 23 (ACN) Cuban scientists addressed concerns on a heat wave hitting the archipelago saying that the Cuba's insular condition makes it extremely unlikely that a heat wave will occur, due to the cooling effect of sea breezes and summer rains.
Speculation that the archipelago may be affected by a heat wave in the coming days is unfounded, according to information published today inGranma newspaper.
Speculation arouse due to the predominance of days with very warm thermal sensations caused by intense solar radiation, weak wind, high relative humidity and reduced rainfall.
Ramón Pérez Suárez, a researcher at the Climate Centre of the Institute of Meteorology, said that heat waves are particular atmospheric situations in mid-latitudes and continental areas.
In these territories, he said, temperatures reach values above 40 degrees Celsius, which, together with the prevailing low humidity, can cause the death of human beings from dehydration and other causes.
He pointed out that the current summer period in Cuba remains within the normal range, although between 1951 and 2010 the average temperature in the summer season increased by 0.8 degrees Celsius, which confirms the trend towards a warmer climate.

Science and Technology

Monday 06 August 2018 | 03:29:19 PM

Miguel Diaz-Canel Visits the Province of Holguin

HOLGUIN, Cuba, Aug 2 (ACN) Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez visited on Thursday important centers and installations in the Eastern province of Holguin.

The government visit began in the morning hours of Thursday to the El Ramon de Antilla, coastal region located over 100 kilometers from the city of Holguin with potential for the development of tourism. Diaz-Canel learned on the work underway in an area surrounded by virgin beaches.


Monday 06 August 2018 | 03:10:47 PM

Consultation process on the Draft Constitution is under way

HAVANA, Cuba, Jul 31 (ACN) This Sunday and Monday, the National Seminar on the consultation process of the Draft Constitution took place in the Cuban capital, Havana.
More than 280 representatives from all provinces, the Party, the State, the Young Communist League, mass organizations, the Union of Jurists, the Political Directorates of the Minfar and the Minint, the Permanent Commission for Implementation and Development, the National Electoral Commission, the Centre for Socio-Political and Opinion Studies, and the Minrex participated in the Seminar.
Granma newspaper reports that Sunday's sessions were devoted to a fruitful exchange with members of the Committee of Deputies that prepared the Draft Constitution that was debated and approved in the National Assembly of People's Power, and that will be submitted for consultation with all citizens between August 13 and November 15.
On Monday, it was explained how the information will be processed on the proposals made in the more than 135,000 consultation meetings planned in work centers, study centers, in the community and abroad, which will be conducted by more than 7,600 selected duos who will receive similar training in the territories.
Six hundred thousand copies of the Draft Constitution will be put on sale at the price of one peso in all municipalities during the course of this week, as they are distributed by the Correos de Cuba Business Group. It will also be available on the website of the National Assembly of People's Power and those of the main mass media to facilitate access for the entire population.
As Army General Raúl Castro Ruz pointed out last July 26, "a transcendental political and democratic exercise will begin, whose success will depend, in the first place, on the active and committed participation of the Cubans, under the leadership of the Communist Party and with the help of the Young Communist League and the mass organizations, in which each citizen must understand the need and scope of the changes we must introduce in the Constitution, so as to guarantee the irrevocable nature of socialism and the continuity of the Revolution".


Monday 09 July 2018 | 03:07:53 PM

England Takes Over, Croatia Gets Nervous

The quarter finals are over. The show had a spectacular closure with lots of turns and suspense. This phase was marked by the classification of an historical selection and the elimination of the local team.


Monday 09 July 2018 | 03:06:58 PM

America Defeated

Another of the remaining champions gave its farewell to the World Cup when seemed that order was taking over chaos.After the defeat of Uruguay in the morning, Brazil lostas well. The only twoteams that were representingAmerica in Russian territory were eliminated.


Wednesday 04 July 2018 | 07:40:13 PM

Started Fiesta del Fuego on the Hot Land

The 38th International Festival of The Caribbean started with a cultural, happy and multi-color bond between Cuba and Puerto Rico. This Festival will run until next Monday with guests of twenty-eight countries, informed digital site Sierra Maestra.


Wednesday 04 July 2018 | 05:15:53 PM

Eusebio Leal: The 500 years of Havana are an opportunity

HAVANA, Cuba, Jun 29 (ACN) With the premise that the 500th anniversary of the town of San Cristobal is not a goal but an opportunity and a starting point, historian Eusebio Leal urged the city to recover its dignity during the presentation of the communication campaign for the anniversary.