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Monday 11 June 2018 | 02:45:17 pm.

Cuba modernizes newspaper presses

HAVANA, Cuba, Jun 7(ACN) The process of modernizing the newspaper presses began recently in Villa Clara, according to information published today by Granma.
The aim is to provide all printing presses in the country with a technology capable of printing periodical publications in four-color format, and to meet the requirements in terms of capacity and speed.
This is a comprehensive program, which is expected to last more than a year and will cover the rest of the entities involved in the editing, production and distribution of the press in the country.
This first stage is the most complex, given that the press company of Havana assumed the production of the national and provincial newspapers corresponding to the central region.
This situation, together with the years of operation of the existing machinery and the lack of spare parts, has generated logical delays in the distribution of the press in the west and center of the country.


Monday 11 June 2018 | 02:29:05 pm.

Cuba rejects OAS resolution against Venezuela

HAVANA, Cuba, Jun 7 (ACN) The Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MINREX) today expressed its strong condemnation of the Resolution on the situation in Venezuela, adopted on June 5 at the 48th General Assembly of the Organization of American States (OAS).


Monday 11 June 2018 | 02:11:57 pm.

Ischemic heart disease increases in Cuban women

HAVANA, Cuba, Jun 7 (ACN) A study carried out in Cuba with some 3,000 women who have suffered from ischemic heart disease showed that the age of the disease in women is falling, announced an expert in Havana.


Thursday 07 June 2018 | 02:43:37 pm.

Dangerous Errands

To date, 113 cases have been detected of goods traffic sent by 29 illegal parcel delivery agencies from abroad. There have been four reports of smuggling associated with this phenomenon, and more than three tons of products of various types have been confiscated which had tried to enter the country through these networks, the General Customs of the Republic (AGR) reported Wednesday.


Wednesday 06 June 2018 | 03:42:43 pm.

Climate Change Affected the Current Sugar Harvest in Cuba

HAVANA, Cuba, Jun 4 (ACN) The AZCUBA Sugar Group announced on Monday in Havana that the 2017-2018 harvest has concluded ahead of time due to the intense drought during the last two years, too much rain since last September with Hurricane Irma and the recent precipitations.

The Vice President of AZCUBA, Jose Carlos Santos Ferrer, offered details on the issue during the Agro-Food Commission of the National Assembly of the People's Power underway at Havana'...


Wednesday 06 June 2018 | 03:42:35 pm.

Deputies Highlight the Need to Improve Process of Production

HAVANA, Cuba, Jun 4 (ACN) The First Vice Minister of Agriculture, Julio Andres Garcia expressed on Monday at the Agriculture and Food Commission of the National Assembly that the sector must improve its policies through organization, technology and production in order to have a major impact in the country´s economy.


Wednesday 06 June 2018 | 03:04:15 pm.

Cienfuegos beaches severely damaged by recent floods

HAVANA, Cuba, Jun 5 (ACN) Final data provided by specialists from the Center for Environmental Studies of Cienfuegos (CEAC) report that the beaches of the province of Cienfuegos were severely damaged by the intense rains and floods caused by the subtropical storm Alberto.

Eugenio Olalde Chang, coordinator of the state service for the monitoring of the beaches in the territory, declared that after a tour of all the beaches from Cabagán on the border with Santi Spiritus to Rancho Luna, the effects are linked to the marine or pluvial erosion of the dunes.
He explained that most of these sands are of the tibaracon type, that is to say, they form sand bars during the dry period and isolate the river by accumulating sediments, but in the rainy period they break the barrier and flow into the sea.
He gave the example of El Tamarindo beach where the sand bar associated with the river lost a little silica at the mouth but at the western limit the coast disappeared completely, because from the mangrove swamp a blow of water with a lot of energy came.
Olalde Chang said that the escarpments opened by the loss of sand are more than a meter high, the trees there were uprooted, while others were exposed to the obvious force of the currents.
He mentioned the Fría and Inglés beaches, which are undergoing a process of marine erosion, but had no major impact.
The geographer said that the natural process of recovery of the beaches is slow and natural because it is part of the dynamics of the beach and the sea.
He explained that for the summer stage these beaches will not recover, especially if it continues raining, because the rivers will continue to carry sediments.
In the case of Rancho Luna, the most emblematic beach of the territory, it suffered a great aggression due to water runoff.
Omar Gutiérrez Benítez, a specialist in the environmental engineering group of CEAC, said that from the Brisas del Mar restaurant to the ranches on the beach, the greatest damage has been located due to insufficient rainwater drainage works, which causes high water flows.
Also in the dune the sand has been compacted by the passage of high tonnage vehicles such as trucks with bathers and others with food products to supply the service units.
He said that when the passage of Hurricane Irma, gullies and furrows were seen along the coast and now there are greater levels of erosion, with holes in five places more than a meter high, due to the large volumes of water that flow there.
He evaluated as complex the processes of sand accumulation and at the same time of marine and hydric erosion that occurs in Rancho Luna, whose balance is negative.
He argued that studies supported by remote sensing and satellite imaging techniques have shown the considerable degree of dune erosion.


Thursday 31 May 2018 | 05:03:20 pm.

Temporary Working Group Evaluate Effects of Intense Rain

SANCTI SPIRITUS, Cuba, May 29 (ACN) The Temporary Working Group in the province of Sancti Spiritus evaluated on Tuesday preliminary damages caused by the intense rain of recent days mainly in homes, roads and agriculture.


Thursday 31 May 2018 | 04:49:29 pm.

Cuban President Diaz-Canel awarded Libertadores Order in Venezuela

HAVANA, Cuba, May 31 (ACN) Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro presented on Wednesday the Libertadores Order to Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, President of the Cuban Council of State and Ministers, in his first class in Caracas.


Thursday 31 May 2018 | 04:31:18 pm.

Ship that ran aground in Cienfuegos Bay arrives in port

CIENFUEGOS, Cuba, May 31 (ACN) The ship Destint, stranded with 29 thousand tons of rice at the entrance of the bay of Cienfuegos, was already launched and anchored today by experts from the Practicos del Puerto Centro Sur company.