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Thursday 22 August 2019 | 04:54:43 pm.

Havana Chinatown is reopened

HAVANA, Cuba, Aug 21 (acn) The Chinatown, emblematic site in Havana of great historical and heritage value, was reopened after completing the restoration works that several of its services and cultural facilities underwent.
The reopening featured a colorful traditional ceremony, which included the Lion and Dragon dances, according to Radio Reloj radio station.

Luis Antonio Torres, first secretary of the Cuba´s Communist Party (PCC) in the province, said that the effort, work, perseverance and love allowed giving back the city a renewed part of its identity.
On the other hand, Chen Xi, China's ambassador to Cuba, thanked Havana authorities for carrying out the works, which, he added, show the historic combination between Cuban and Chinese cultures.
The Chinatown preservation project included the restoration of seven restaurants, the tea house and the bonsai garden, to mention just few of the works.
The first Chinese-owned businesses of Havana opened in 1858 and its growth and development resulted in the emergence of one of the oldest and largest neighborhoods of that community in Latin America.


Thursday 22 August 2019 | 04:52:47 pm.

Former Argentine president returns to Cuba to visit her sick daughter

HAVANA, Cuba, Aug 22 (acn) Argentina's former president and current aspirant to vice president Cristina Fernandez returns to Cuba to see her daughter Florencia Kirchner, who is hospitalized since last March at the Center for Surgical Medical Research (CIMEQ) with a diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

After the authorization by the Federal Court which carries out a trial for alleged irregularities in public works during her term, the candidate to vice-presidency for the political coalition ¨Frente de Todos¨ will stay in Havana until next August 30, according to Prensa Latina news agency.
This is the fourth trip to Cuba of the ex-president, who has denounced everything her daughter has suffered in recent times, accused even of being part of an illegal association, which has broken her physical state.
Florencia, 28, arrived in Cuba early last March for a course she would take at the San Antonio de los Baños International Film School, but could not return to her country due to health problems.
At CIMEQ, she was diagnosed as having PTSD and other causes such as purpuric syndrome (purpura) under study, sensory demyelinating polyneuropathy of unknown etiology, amenorrhea, underweight and slight lymphedema of lower limbs of unspecified etiology.


Thursday 04 July 2019 | 05:19:58 pm.

Havana, one of the tourist destinations to visit in 2019

The capital of Cuba is part of a list of 15 cultural destinations proposed for this 2019, as mentioned by the National Geographic magazine.

Havana represents a challenge for any traveler, while it is a city that is made and unmade every day, as recognized by the prestigious magazine.

The article mentions the constant movement, the entrepreneurs, surprising palates and emphasizes the presence of music, lots of music everywhere.

As major events to be held this year in Havana, there is the commemoration of the 500 years of the city and the celebration of the International Festival of New Latin American Cinema.


Thursday 04 July 2019 | 05:17:27 pm.

Freddy Asiel, pitches well again, but loses

Although he was half a game ahead on the score by a full back bat of the first baseman and fourth bat, Yordanis Samon, with one on base, and Freddy Asiel Álvarez made a quality start, the Cuba team fell again on Wednesday in the second clash of the Friendly Series with the collegiate team of USA Baseball.


Tuesday 02 July 2019 | 05:03:39 pm.

New economic measures: what do young people say?

For the young journalist of Santiago de Cuba Yunier Sarmientos, with nine months of work in the provincial weekly journal Sierra Maestra, a historic claim of the working population is fulfilled, and they are a strong demonstration of the courage of the Cuban Goverment  while accomplish them in the midst of difficulties economic conditions and the intensification of the imperialist blockade.


Monday 01 July 2019 | 06:13:35 pm.

Díaz-Canel: Intellectuals and Artists Will Always Accompany the Revolution

HAVANA, Cuba, Jul 1 (ACN) Intellectuals and artists will always accompany the determination Cuba, which the Revolution put on the political map of the world, continues to be recognized also for its unique way of fighting, singing, dancing, laughing and winning, stressed Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, president of the Councils of State and Ministers, at the closing of the IX Congress of the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC).

From the UNEAC founded by Nicolás Guillén and other universal Cubans emerged a lifelong commitment to the destiny of national culture, he said.
Díaz-Canel recalled Fidel Castro's various actions to preserve culture, which, as he often said, is the first thing to be saved, and that was one of the reasons why the historic leader of the Revolution so often went to the Cuban artistic vanguard to face the challenges.
He stressed the importance of consciously reading the text Words to Intellectuals, for the principles it marks for Cuban cultural policy and make a contextualized interpretation bearing in mind that Revolution are all those who make it possible in life and work.
The Cuban President highlighted the universal impact of the Revolution that transformed a small and backward nation into an indisputable world power due to its human and sentimental resources, despite the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States.
Diaz-Canel reiterated the duty to be coherent in both the private and state sectors, because both respond to the same cultural policy and must promote, defend and give space to those who make true art.
He also referred to culture as a fundamental link for the productive chain that we are interested in promoting in tourism, but we have to be authentic and show pride in who we are, he said.
It is unacceptable that it is not understood that all cultural institutions exist by and for creators and their work, not the other way around, and that bureaucratism and lack of professionalism stifle creation, he emphasized.
The President of the Councils of State and Ministers insisted that it is necessary to make the organization more proactive in its bases and to investigate the missions that it fulfills in function of those whom it represents.
Artists have a duty to pay their taxes but they should not have to pay the companies if they have had nothing to do with their work contracts, their promotion and legal protection, he said.
Among the issues that need action and reactions from UNEAC is the fight against cultural mercenaries, those willing to lynch as many artists and creators support the Revolution, he stressed.
We are not going to limit creation, but the Revolution, which has resisted 60 years for knowing how to defend itself, is not going to leave its institutional spaces in the hands of those who serve its enemy, he emphasized.
In the closing day of the IX Congress of the UNEAC Díaz-Canel recognized the work of Miguel Barnet at the head of the organization, and congratulated Luis Morlote Rivas for being elected president of the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba.


Wednesday 26 June 2019 | 03:31:02 pm.

Science and tenderness for a memorable birth

The most wonderful thing about science is that it is alive


Thursday 20 June 2019 | 05:35:14 pm.

For decent and sustainable work in the world

GENEVA, June 19.- Cuba recognized on Wednesday in Geneva, Switzerland, the successes achieved by the International Labour Organization (ILO) in its century of existence, but called to reinforce the commitment to decent employment in the global labor market.


Thursday 20 June 2019 | 05:16:55 pm.

Deputies will debate Electoral Bill Project

As text of "extraordinary importance" was valued on the morning of this Wednesday, by the president of the National Assembly of People's Power, Esteban Lazo Hernández, the Electoral Law Project, whose content was shared by videoconference from the Baraguá room of the National Capitol.


Thursday 20 June 2019 | 09:22:14 am.

European Union analyses response to Helms-Burton law

HAVANA, Cuba, Jun 17 (ACN) European Union (EU) Foreign Ministers are meeting this Monday in Luxembourg to discuss the bloc's response to the United States to protect European investments in Cuba after the Trump administration activated the application of Title III of the Helms-Burton Act.