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Wednesday 27 March 2019 | 04:04:47 pm.

Tuesday 28 August 2018 | 11:54:37 am.

Maduro Designates 2018 Year of Economic Revolution

President Nicolas Maduro designated 2018 as Year of the Economic Revolution, and assured that important changes will be implemented as of today in the Financial Recovery Program.


Monday 11 June 2018 | 02:29:05 pm.

Cuba rejects OAS resolution against Venezuela

Eugenio Martínez Enríquez, director general of the Directorate of Latin America and the Caribbean, declared in Havana to national and foreign media accredited to the island that the action was "unacceptable interference in the internal affairs of the South American nation and contrary to the principles of international law and the purposes of the United Nations Charter".


Monday 26 March 2018 | 05:11:21 pm.

Venezuela says gold mine will yield over 54-billion-euro reserves

The world's fourth largest gold mine to have been certified in Venezuela will contribute the country 54.3 billion Euros in reserves,


Friday 09 February 2018 | 04:41:22 pm.

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Attends Solidarity Activity

The Venezuelan Foreign Minister, who arrived on Thursday to Havana as part of a working tour through ALBA member nations, declared that Cuba and Venezuela are in the eyes of the US


Friday 09 February 2018 | 04:37:45 pm.

Raul Castro Meets with Venezuelan Foreign Minister

During the fraternal encounter, both sides coincided in highlighting the excellent state of bilateral relations and exchanged on regional issues


Wednesday 08 November 2017 | 05:11:43 pm.

Venezuela Pays Tribute to Russian Revolution

Maduro called to resume the boost to concrete socialism every day