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All I Ask, Adele


José Luis Estrada Betancourt

I will leave my heart at the door/ I won´t say a word/ They´ve all been said before you know./ So why don´t we just play pretend/ Like we´re not scared of what´s coming next/ Or scared of having nothing left./Look, don´t get me wrong/ I know there is no tomorrow.

CORO: All I ask is/ If this is my last night with you./ Hold me like I´m more than just a friend./ Give me a memory I can use./ Take me by the hand while we do what lovers do/ It matters how this ends/ ´Cause what if I never love again?

I don´t need your honesty/ It´s already in your eyes/ And I´m sure my eyes, they speak for me./ No one knows me like you do/ And since you´re the only one that matters/ Tell me who do I run to?/ Look, don´t get me wrong/ I know there is no tomorrow.


Let this be our lesson in love./ Let this be the way we remember us/ I don´t wanna be cruel or vicious./ And I ain´t asking for forgiveness.


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